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We love what we do and do what we love. Aiming to delight and surprise in all we create, from marketing to conference delivery. In the last 12 months our team have created experiences that set Guinness World Records, held meetings up mountains for presidents and ministers, ran a Bake Off on a roof top, delivered conferences in the Ivory Coast and incentives on islands. We are even exploring options around a live tasering experience as part of an exhibition stand! Did we say we were surprising? Wait until you immerse yourselves in our ‘No Agenda Conference!’

Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events
Meeting Incentives Conferences Events

No company’s challenges or events are the same and our logo depicts the way we approach your unique challenges. We explore solutions from all angles and view the landscape from different perspectives. As your full service creative partner we believe that the very least you deserve are conferences running to schedule, transfers to the correct location and seamless digital communications. So what is different about us? We have vast international experience with bundles of creativity – this, we believe, makes the work we create exceptional!

So let’s discuss what you want to achieve.



Let’s start at the very beginning, seeing as it’s rumoured to be a very good place to start. 

What does a fantastic outcome look like for you?     

How do you want your audience to feel? 

What emotions do you want to elicit? 

How do you want you and your brand to be perceived?


We follow that up with focused creative thinking, combined with our seriously rigorous production management process and tools. This makes sure everything is designed around the responses to those original questions and therefore the end results will be delivered on time on budget and most importantly work.


We have different ideas and thoughts all the time and love sharing these- peruse and let us know what you think. 

A 'No Agenda Conference', for example! Imagine attending a conference with no format and no idea of what will be said by whom or in what order? How on earth would that work? Give us a call and find out why and how.

We also love sharing thoughts and experiences face to face. Please join us at one of our own events and experience first-hand how we work, who we are and find out why you should work with us. Contact us to find out more.

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