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Team building events and British Bake Off

Team building in the Bake Off tent

Good things come to those that bake and British Bake off could be the perfect recipe for your next company team building event…

Forbes Magazine argues that team building ‘is the most important investment you will make.’ This is because team building events not only break down personal barriers and boost morale, but also have the power to develop skills and inspire creativity that will positively impact your employee performance when they return to the office.

However, it is important to recognise that some team building events are more effective than others. Events that require physical activity have the danger of isolating those who are not athletic, which could result in the day leaving a sour taste in one’s mouth.

Pepler Lee Events have developed a solution to this problem, taking inspiration from the nation’s favourite competitive baking programme for our new team building event. Unlike sport, everyone eats, and almost everyone loves cake!

Baking has a wide appeal across genders and generations, and has enjoyed a rise in popularity. Bake Off fever has taken the nation by storm; breaking TV records by receiving up to 13.5 million viewers every week and inspiring many to put on an apron.

As a study by Waitrose discovered, over 19% of the population are now baking at least once a week. So what better activity to capture the attention of your team than to build on this passion and transform them into Bake Off contestants for the day? With Pepler Lee Events, it’s a piece of cake!

We recently held a flan-tastic team building Bake Off day for UK newspaper The Sun, in the picturesque setting of Camber Sands in East Sussex.

Following the event, a representative from News UK stated: “It was awesome! The Bake Off tent looked amazing and everyone was so impressed by the quality of the event and staff looking after us. We really couldn’t fault your team and the effort they put in to making it a smooth event.

"Unfortunately the quality of the baking our end was rather less impressive! Everyone had a really great time and all the feedback has been excellent.”

Upon arrival to the marquee in the morning, employees were given a short introduction and then put into six teams.

Regardless of any previous baking talent (or lack of!), everyone was quick to roll up their sleeves and work against the clock to produce ten cupcakes for their technical challenge, and the perfect chocolate roulade showstopper; desperate to impress the judges and be crowned with the famous ‘Star Baker’ title!

Whilst the team members had help and encouragement from professional chefs and former Bake Off stars, they soon realised that communication and teamwork were the most crucial ingredients that they kneaded for true baking excellence.

Although only one team were declared the official winners, all of the attendees were rewarded with the prize of getting together and sharing their bakes with one another after the competition, which was the icing on the top of a fun-packed day.

Team building in the Bake off tent

Team building in the bake off tent

The Recipe for Success

Pepler Lee Events created this experience through the whisking together of the following ingredients:

  • A tablespoon of the perfect venue. We sourced and set up a white marquee that was strong enough to withstand any British weather conditions!

  • 125g of attention to detail. To ensure that the event felt as authentic as possible, we carefully reconstructed the much-loved design of the Bake Off, featuring interior details such as pastel-coloured worktops and cabinets, fresh flowers, Union Jack bunting and vintage trinkets.

  • 2 teaspoons of kitchen equipment. We supplied and set up high quality kitchen apparatus for the hopeful bakers to use, including cooking utensils, ovens, sinks and KitchenAid mixers.

  • A pinch of strong management. Team members of Pepler Lee Events were on hand to assist at the event along every step of the way, in order to help with any technical questions and to guarantee that the day ran smoothly and efficiently.

  • A sprinkle of music. We provided a state-of-the-art sound system and a carefully selected soundtrack that was played throughout the day, which contributed to the fun atmosphere in the tent and helped to keep the momentum going.

  • 1 scoop of photography. We arranged for a professional photographer to capture the special moments of the day, creating long-lasting souvenirs for colleagues to share and enjoy.

This recipe produced the perfect competitive and collaborative event, which ended with no tiers or soggy bottoms in sight! The attendees left with shared memories and stronger relationships, and enhanced problem-solving and time management skills that will have a long-lasting benefit on their business.

Following from the success of this event, we believe that we have every ingredient to provide your company with similar Bake Off team building magic. We are happy to adapt to your specific needs and desires, and have connections with various locations and suppliers around the globe, meaning that we can bring the Bake Off to you wherever you are.

You can sit back and bake it easy whilst we arrange every aspect of the event; from finding the best venue, setting up the marquee, equipment and ingredients, to organising travel and personalised invitations.

This concept can also be modified for your work Christmas or Summer party. After a day of baking, we can quickly transform the Bake Off tent to the perfect night-time party venue. Under the twinkle of fairy lights, your employees can dance the night away resulting in an event like no other!

So why not grab yourself a slice of the action and contact Pepler Lee Events today to book your bespoke Bake Off event. With over 20 years of experience in events, we are fully qualified and committed to make your business baking dreams a reality.

For more information, please give us a ring on +44 (0) 280373220, email us at or pop in to our head office at Meadowcroft House, 182 Balcombe Road, Gatwick, Sussex, UK. BN6 9UY


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